Newt Gingrich: In His Own Words

17 02 2012

Stop forcing pro-choice morality on religious organizations

    The campaign against public prayer and the display of religious symbols is only the tip of the iceberg. Consider the following examples:

  • In May 2009, a pro-life nurse at a New York hospital was forced to participate in a late-term abortion, even though the hospital had agreed in writing to honor her religious convictions.
  • In Jan. 2010, a Baptist minister was sentenced to thirty days in jail for peacefully protesting outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Oakland, California.
  • In Feb. 2010, five men were threatened with arrest for preaching Christianity on a public sidewalk in Virginia.

The Founders would have regarded such efforts to remove God from public life as a fundamental threat to liberty. They saw no contradiction between the First Amendment, which was designed to PROTECT religious liberty, and the need for a free people to remember that their liberties come from God.

Source: A Nation Like No Other, by Newt Gingrich, p. 87-89 , Jun 13, 2011

Immediately cease public funding for abortion providers

Abortion is perhaps the most contentious public issue today, testing the professed American principle that every human life is precious and entitled to constitutional protection. With the advent of increasingly sophisticated ultrasound technology, public opinion on abortion has shifted, with a majority of Americans now identifying themselves as pro-life. As with any public policy, the more strongly public opinion is swayed in defense of unborn life, the more our laws should and will change as a result.

Source: A Nation Like No Other, by Newt Gingrich, p. 92 , Jun 13, 2011

Impeach judges who don’t abide by Constitution as written

There is a sense of defeatism when it comes to the federal courts because the Left-liberal media insist on judicial supremacy and assert that the only way to check and balance the courts is to pass a constitutional amendment. This is of course absurd and historically wrong. The amendment process was not intended to be the way to check and balance Supreme Court decisions. There are some steps we can take through the legislative and executive branches to reestablish a constitutional balance.

  1. The American people can insist on electing Senators who promise to confirm judges who enforce the Constitution as written.
  2. The legislative & executive branches can limit jurisdiction of the federal courts to hear certain types of cases where they believe the federal judiciary is wrong.
  3. Americans can only insist that judges who consistently ignore the Constitution and the legitimate powers of the other two coequal branches of the federal government be considered unfit the serve and be impeached.

Source: Winning the Future, by Newt Gingrich, p. 81-84 , Oct 1, 2005

Most Americans are pro-choice and anti-abortion

At a conference in Atlanta in April, 1995, Gingrich was asked about abortion. “I believe most Americans are pro-choice and anti-abortion.” A murmur ran through the mostly conservative audience. He quieted it by insisting on putting values first in lawmaking and suggesting that alternatives to abortion such as adoption must be promoted and their costs eased. Still, the answer sounded to many like President Clinton’s 1992 convention speech at which he said abortions should be “safe, legal, and rare.”

Gingrich is opposed to abortion but does not believe the nation is ready to enact a constitutional ban. In the first three months of 1995, while the Contract With America was being debated, he angered some Republican congressmen by detouring them from anti-abortion amendments to bills and by putting aside their arguments that a welfare reform package might lead to an increase in abortions.

Source: Newt!, by Dick Williams, p.182 , Jun 1, 1995




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17 02 2012
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